Sunnyside Organic Garden

We were commissioned to design the Vegetable Garden at Sunnyside 10 years ago. Following the completion of the design we moved onto the construction of the hard-landscaped paths required to access the beds.

The paths have been constructed using a combination of Stone, these paths allow you to navigate the borders for practical purposes, Brick – This path cuts across the site and leads to a Mosaic focal point that adds interest.

Structures were required for practical purposes for example protecting soft fruit and training fruit trees. Additional supporting structures such as the pergola have been utilised for supporting flowering climbers to attract insects.

We have been working with our client to evolve the planting over the years, taking advantage of new opportunities. Evergreens provide all year round interest and structure. Annual and herbaceous varieties have been used to plant up a ‘Nectar Bar’ for the attraction of pollinating insects.

The diverse range of organically managed produce from the garden includes Red currants, Raspberries, Gooseberries, Grapes and Fig. The area also boasts established Asparagus and Rhubarb beds, Apple and Plum trees along with four additional beds for rotational crops producing Beans, Chives, Potatoes and Artichokes to name but a few.