Spring is in the Air

how to transform your garden with detailed planning and intelligent planting

Careful planning should provide a show of colour all year round – and spring is no exception. It is a wonderful time of year, birdsong is everywhere as bulbs start popping their heads above the soil.

There is so much more to planning a garden than a terrace, lawn and plants. At this time of year you could have flowering trees which are an invaluable source of beauty in spring with the added benefit that many produce fruit in autumn. Insects can also take advantage of the early sources of nectar if you have utilised early flowering plants within a well considered planting scheme.

No matter how small or large the area you have available for planting, space can always be found for some spring flowers. Bulbs are a fantastic investment as once planted they come up every year with practically no further input, bringing with them a blaze of colour that will start in January and continue through to late autumn. Many will re-appear stronger and more prolific as the years go by in spite of needing little or no attention.

A favourite from February through to April are Miniature Narcissi and a big tub of colourful tulips by the door is a delightful welcome in springtime. If you have a gardening project in mind, now is the time to act.

Taking expert advice often enables you to see your garden in a different light – view it from an alternative perspective and visualise what can be achieved. You will learn where certain plants will thrive by taking greater notice of where there is light and shade, where the frost lingers and how the wind catches certain areas.

Springtime is the ideal time to begin a gardening project, to maximise what space you have, plant intelligently to give you visual pleasure from season to season and to attract and promote wildlife.

Planting schemes should take advantage of the individual attributes of each area. Selected well, plants can change the whole look of a garden while trees and shrubs can add interesting architectural structure and texture.

A well thought out garden is a joy forever and now is the time to achieve it.

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