Our Process

In business for almost 20 years, we are a dedicated team of professionals who specialise in the design, construction, planting and maintenance of gardens and landscapes for you and your family to enjoy.


The way we use our gardens has changed with the architecture of our homes. In homes that have a glazed wall the garden is invited in. In this case it is often the success of the exterior design that makes the interior design work. The designer client relationship is especially important when it comes to finding the character and identity of the outdoor space as this must reflect the personality of the client in order for both areas to work together. As a designer the communication of my ideas and building of a good relationship with my clients is the key to developing a clear understanding of the design before moving to the next phase.

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3D Design

We also heavily utilise 3D designs in our process, transforming 2D layouts and sketches into photo-realistic images of your design. To find out more click HERE

Project Management

The project management process sets out a clear structure for the realisation of your garden. Following careful consideration and planning of the agreed scheme, it is essential that the construction process is properly managed to ensure your vision is realised. We provide a comprehensive project management service, whether we are working with our client’s chosen contractors or one of our own trusted landscape contractors it is essential that client, designer and contractor form an effective and efficient team.

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The process of building something is immensely satisfying. The construction of the garden relates to the Hard-landscaping elements. It is the hard-landscaping element that links the architecture of the house or building to the garden. To achieve the desired result the environment is often completely destroyed before being restored to create the bones of the garden. It is through the construction process that a bond is formed between you and your garden.

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As satisfying as building a garden is, the ever changing picture of a good planting scheme will bring the hard-landscaping elements of your garden to life. Plants link the garden to the environment allowing you to borrow aspects of the surrounding landscape and bring them into your garden. Good planting will emphasise the seasons, provide focal points, create rhythm, produce movement and invite insects, birds and other wildlife in. From a practical point of view a good scheme will also reduce the amount of maintenance. No matter how long it takes to build the hard-landscaping elements of your garden, it won’t feel like a garden until you have plants in it.

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