Organic Gardens

Gardens are important spaces for both our relaxation and food production as well as providing a refuge for wildlife; organic growing is safe for you, your family and the environment. By using organic methods for your garden, allotment, lawn and flower beds as well as for your fruit and veg, you can ‘grow your own’ free from pesticides in healthy soil maintained with compost from recycled materials.

Teresa brings the experience and knowledge gained throughout her career to each project. Her work as consultant to Northcote’s Michelin starred Chef Nigel Haworth and their Head gardener over the past five years is just as relevant for the demands of a commercial kitchen as it is for your kitchen and garden.

Growing your own is addictive, the satisfaction gained by growing and tending your plants until your harvest of fruit and vegetables is ready, is made all the more rewarding with the knowledge that they are the result of your own labour. Following the principals of organic gardening has the added advantage of inviting in a whole army of wildlife that will help you. The pests and diseases that plague us will arrive in your garden as uninvited guests, however you will notice that, by adopting organic methods, you extend an invitation to natural predators who work to control pests on your behalf.

Organic horticulture is the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants by following the essential principles of organic agriculture in soil building and conservation, pest management, and heirloom variety preservation.

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