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What happens next?

The on going life of your garden needs to be managed and maintained in order for the ideas and inspiration behind the design to grow and develop. It’s worth noting that true to the unpredictable nature of plants, as your garden matures, it may well grow and change to a surprising result often out performing the vision from which it was first conceived. Nurturing your garden can’t fail to inspire and further develop your interest in nature and the changing seasons. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to get out there and do the work yourself in order to feel this way, as rewarding as getting your hands dirty can be, the increased demands upon our time often leave us short of the time required to do everything. Having your garden maintained and looked after by others may well be the answer to leaving you free to sit out and enjoy the area when you do get some time at home.

Once your garden has been designed, built and planted, we can offer a range of services to ensure that you are getting the best from your creation. A garden is a living, breathing entity and to ensure you get the very best from it on-going attention and care is vital, even if you have decided on little planting. It is important to carry out regular check-ups of your flowers, plants and shrubs and undertake any work that may be required.

Plants can be expensive and need to be cared for, to help, we offer ongoing maintenance services and if necessary can recommend garden care specialists and contractors who are qualified to help with regular garden maintenance.